Dance fitness may help people keep their bodies feeling younger


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A new report on exercise finds people may want to step it up when it comes to a spring shape-up plan.

There’s really never a bad way to exercise according to the report but if you want to choose the form of fitness most likely to help keep your body forever young dance fitness tops the list.

That’s according to a study from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

Researchers in this study found those who danced, especially women, stayed healthier over time.

They looked at several of the measurements that tend to shift with age, things that make us less independent, or keep us from being active and aging well.

Sure enough the dancers did better in all of these categories later in life, than those who just walked or did calisthenics.

It’s likely due to the way dance requires movement, balance, endurance and even focus.

It may also be that people also tend to be social as a dance fitness person with a partner or a class.

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